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About VCI

About ABS

Advanced Business Systems (ABS), a Software Consulting and Solution Providing company, catering to the software requirements of a wide spectrum of clients across the state. ABS has established itself as a symbol of quality, commitment and absolute integrity a philosophy that translates into meaningful and rewarding relationships with all of its clients and associates.

ABS has more than fourteen years experience in the IT Consulting industry providing quality and cost effective solutions to all kinds of business from small scale to medium size enterprises. Our flagship product PearlXP and its series of extention products were well accepted in the market. 

ABS's driving force is our people, who exhibit quality, rigor, speed, experience and expertise in all their projects. They follow a strict consistent software development methodology. A strong and independent QA group ensures a high-level of quality in all our projects. Today, ABS boasts years of experience and good will of our clients.

Our capability to deliver world-class solutions has always been an advantage for us. We have a well-planned methodology in carrying out the processes of Software Design, Development, Implementation and Maintenance. ABS is always in tune with the latest in technology and makes sure that our client gets the best out of it. We have products and projects done on multi tier client-server technology using Microsoft tools and technologies.

We work in disciplines as wide as E-Commerce, Internet, Intranet, Web based and multi tier applications, Development, Customization and Implementation. With defined processes for each phase of the development life cycle, we excel the client's expectations. In E-commerce applications, we streamline the current business processes for the client with tools such as VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, JavaScript, XML, XSL, IIS and  the client explore the possibilities of doing business electronically in its fullness.

We understand the strategic importance of a web site to a company and hence combine design, technology and strategy to give our client the competitive edge. We take up website development, and maintain them for the clients. Our designers use the latest in the technology such as Macromedia Flash, Dream Weaver, Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop to cater to these needs. 

Most of the projects we implemented using Microsoft Tools and Technologies (Visual Studio, SQL Server, ASP, .Net, Visual Studio.net, ASP.net etc). We do also use JAVA technologies and other tools and technologies like HTML, XML, XSL, JavaScript, Crystal Report, Dream weaver, Photoshop, Flash etc according the clients/project requirements.

It is our dedication, creativity and integrity that help us build and implement the highest quality technology based solutions to meet today's market demands. We value honesty and commitment, which show through every plane of our business.

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