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MENU OPTIONS: Company | Voucher Entry | Account Heads | General Ledger | Reports


OPTIONS: Create New Company | Edit Company Information | Voucher Settings | Database Utilities | Backup and Recovery | Year Ending Procedures Etc..

Voucher Entry

OPTIONS: Payment | Receipts | Journal

Account Heads

OPTIONS: Super Groups| Groups | Ledgers

General Ledger

Options: Drill down facility | Modification of Entries | Advanced voucher entry session for advanced users Etc..


OPTIONS: Cash Book| Day Book | Ledgers | P and L Account | Receipts and Payment | Journal Register | Balance Sheet | Schedules

Reports » Cash Book

All Cash Transaction of a day or for a particular period (Daily balanced)

Reports » Day Book

Daily Statement that reflects all the transaction of a day. (Eg. Cash, Journal, Bank)

Reports » Journal Register

All Journal Entries for a particular day or for a period.

Reports » Trial Balance

Trial Balance as on a date. (Options: Opening TB | Summarized TB | Detailed TB | Ledgers Only TB ))

Reports » Trading P&L

Trading Profit and loss account on a particular date

Reports » Rect & Paymt

Receipts and Payment Statement (Daily | Monthly | Periodical)

Reports » Inc & Exp

Optional Income and Expenditure Statement for non-trading concerns

Reports » Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet as on a particular day

Reports » Schedules

Schedule upto a particular day or for a period (Eg. Expenditure Schedule | Sundry Debtors Schedule | Sundry Creditors Schedule Etc. )

Reports » Ledger

Detailed Periodical statement for a ledger

Voucher Entry
Account Heads
General Ledger
    » Cash Book
    » Day Book
    » Journal Reg.
    » Trial Balance
    » Trading P & L
    » Recpts & Paymts
    » Inc & Exp (opt)
    » Balance Sheet
    » Schedules
    » Ledger


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