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The right solution to enhance your service

The right service for the age

Many of the clients use our service for the entire IT requirement of their organisation. We are more than happy to work with clients only in specific areas also.  These include:

  • Consultancy

  • Project Management

  • Development

  • Installation and Configuration

  • Corporate Training


For those clients who just don't know where to go or how to get there when considering how their IT infrastructure should be used today, tomorrow and in the future with in their organization.  We become an extended arm of the client helping them make the right decisions in hardware, software and security solutions.

Project Management:

For those clients who need manage their project and deliver it on time and on budget.


For those clients who have a limited or no development resource internally, we can help with developing systems using the major development environments in the market today.

Installation and Configuration:

Normally our installation service is restricted to installing solutions we have developed on the client site, however we do have a number of resources that allow us to help clients install the majority of tools and technology available today.

Corporate Training:

We do provide training to corporate clients on standard software products and packages available in the market according to the client requirements





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